The most important aspect of our business requires a relationship of trust with our clients. In order to provide clients with the best possible representation, it is necessary that we obtain information about our clients and/or their business/corporation. If we did not obtain this information we would be unable to provide you with legal services.

The information we are entrusted with is often of a personal nature. Our clients have a right to expect that any personal information that they provide to us or that we obtain from other sources in order to act on their behalf will be kept in the strictest confidence and that access to this personal information will be restricted to those having a legitimate need to review or use that information.

Personal Information:

Personal Information is information that identifies an individual personally. Personal Information includes, home address, home telephone number, marital status, work history, liabilities, assets, income, banking records, health records, and other information of a personal nature relating to religious beliefs or criminal records. The Personal collected will be limited to information needed for the purpose of individual file representation. Personal Information does not include name, title, business address, phone, fax number or email address.


The disclosure of Personal Information is based on the type of file. It is sometimes necessary for us to provide an individual’s Personal Information to a third party, e.g.

  • when required or authorized by law (i.e. a subpoena);

  • when there is consent of the client;

  • when necessary to complete services for you (i.e to a lender in mortgage transaction)

  • to 3rd party assisting /providing service to BD Oakes Jardine Kaneski Unruh LLP

  • expert witnesses

  • other law firms

  • information publicly known

BD Oakes Jardine Kaneski Unruh LLP only allows access to an individual’s Personal Information to those employees who need to use it in their work.


Upon completion of a client’s file, the file in its entirety will be securely stored for a period of ten years. It will be the responsibility of the client to request any personal information they require before the ten year period is reached. After the completion of the ten year period the file will be destroyed.


Clients may request access to their Personal Information on their file by contacting either the lawyer acting on their behalf or by contacting Lisa Ehnes, Office Administrator for BD Oakes Jardine Kaneski Unruh LLP either in writing or by calling 1 (204) 957-1717 ext. 329. Some documentation may require a minimal fee.


BD Oakes Jardine Kaneski Unruh LLP has designated a Chief Privacy Officer (CPO). The CPO is ultimately responsible for Personal Information under the control of BD Oakes Jardine Kaneski Unruh LLP and is accountable for compliance with terms and procedures of this Privacy Policy. Any individual who wishes to make a formal enquiry regarding their Personal Information should contact BD Oakes Jardine Kaneski Unruh LLP’s CPO at 1-(204) 957-1717 or write to: 

Kerry Unruh
387 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB.
R3C 0V5