Real Estate

Our real estate team has experience with a wide range of real estate matters, including standard house and cottage transactions, the purchase and sale of farmland, subdivision, refinancing, condominium development, leasing, and land development. For many people, real estate represents the most valuable asset they own. When dealing with something so important, it is imperative to work with a lawyer you can trust, is accessible, and can answer any questions you may have. Our lawyers strive to consistently provide this service to our clients, no matter how big or small the transaction.

Our clients range from first-time homebuyers, to experienced commercial landlords and tenants, to land developers, and everything in between. Regardless of what category you fit into, we look forward to discussing your transaction with you, and providing our services when needed.

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Real Estate

Our real estate lawyers are experienced in completing all aspects of commercial real estate transactions including due diligence, financing, vendor take backs, and mortgages. We take a strategic approach to preparing and negotiating agreements, offers and leases. Our goal is to facilitate sales efficiently while providing our clients with comprehensive advice, including how to best manage risk and tax consequences.



The Property Registry/Land Transfer Tax:

City of Winnipeg –

  1. Water Department:

  1. Tax Department: (TIPP Application and TIPP Cancellation Forms)

Manitoba Hydro:



The law firm of BD Oakes Jardine Kaneski UnRuh LLP acknowledges that we live and work in the territories of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Dakota, Dene, Métis, and Oji-Cree Nations. The firm sits in Treaty 1 territory, the ancestral and traditional homeland of Anishinaabe peoples. Treaty 1, signed in 1871, took this territory from seven local Anishinaabe First Nations to make the land available for settler use and ownership.

This land acknowledgment is about being honest and accurate about the Original Peoples of this land as well as other Indigenous communities who lived and continue to live where the firm presently stands. It is an expression of respect and appreciation for these ancestors, and their present-day relatives, who continue to love and care for the land. This acknowledgment is offered in the belief that doing so will help us to be mindful lawyers, advocates, and citizens of the community we share with indigenous peoples.

We are committed to learning more about the issues shaping the lives of indigenous peoples, and to cultivate and put into practice skills that will contribute to a decolonized, anti-discriminatory future devoid of prejudice and racism. In expressing and enacting our land acknowledgment, we commit to honouring and supporting movements of self-determination and wellbeing led by indigenous guardians, stewards, and protectors of this land that we share. This responsibility includes engaging with, questioning, and critiquing those practices and structures, within and outside our firm, that perpetuate the status quo as it concerns indigenous lands, waters, and people in Manitoba.  Our land acknowledgment is not fixed but living. It is fluid and open to change as we continue to learn.